Petmate 2 Door Top Load Kennel 24" up to 15lbs GREY

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2 Door Top Loading Crate for Larger Cats and Small/Medium Breed Dogs 24"/61cm


With a door on top and at the front , the Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel offers easy access for your pet. Suitable for larger cats and  small- medium breed dogs your pet will enjoy superior ventilation and visibility. This kennel is a great tool for crate training and housetraining and is especially good for pets that are anxious or afraid of crates as it allows them to be gently placed into the crate from above rather than having to enter through the front door.

Features also include secure wing-nut and bolt design, steel front door with secure latch, and comfort carry handle. Constructed of sturdy yet stylish heavy-duty plastic, the steel wire and plastic combine for strength, safety, and visibility.  Made in the USA.

Measurements 24.05″ X 16.75″ X 14.5″ (61 x 43 x 37cm)

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