Pet Cool Mat Extra Large

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Henry Wag Gel Cool Mat helps pets maintain body temperature.


The Pet Cool Mat is an innovative gel mat which helps to keep you pet cool by drawing in heat from your pets body. It stays slightly lower than your pets body temperature providing comfortable refreshing relief from summer temperatures. It can also provide comfort for older pets suffering from joint pain.

The Mat works without the need for refrigeration and can be used in your pet’s favourite bed or crate.

The chilly gel mat is lightweight, soft, puncture resistant and durable and is a great way to keep your pet cool in hot weather.


o This innovative pet friendly gel mat keeps pets cool by creating a lower temperature than your pet’s body temperature.
o Great for keeping your pet cool and providing relief in hot weather
o The mat works without the need for refrigeration and can be put into your pet’s favourite bed
o Lightweight, soft, puncture resistant and durable
o Pet Cool Mat can be used indoors or out and is a great way to keep your pet cool in hot weather
o Can be used alone or in a bed or crate. Suitable for use indoors or outside.

Available in 4 sizes:

Small: 30x40cm,

Medium: 40x50cm,

Large: 50x65cm

Extra Large: 50x90cm


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