FatCat Mini Gruntleys

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Mini Gruntley Plush Pig Grunting Toy for Smaller Dogs and Puppies



Grunt! Grunt! Grunt! Meet the Mini Gruntleys®! Always ready for a good ol’ fashioned Grunt-o-Rama, our family of outspoken oinkers feature a perfectly-porklike sound device that dogs just can’t resist. Forget the bacon – these happy hogs will have your dog beggin’ for more (and more)! E-I-E-I-O! Perfect for the smaller breed of dog.

  • Protected “grunter” sound-maker inside drives dogs hog-wild!
  • Made of soft plush and canvas construction
  • Choose from Pink, Blue, Purple – or collect ‘em all!

Size:  19 x 17 x 8cm

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