Doodie Bags Large Recycled Plastic Poop Bags

ID# CP-120, CP-270, CP-300

RRP £4.99 – 9.99

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Eco Dog Poo Bags made from Recycled Plastic


Clean Paws Doodie Bags are made with 50% recycled plastic (compared to less than 10% in other leading brands) – which means our bags are eco-friendly before you even take them out of their (recyclable) paper box and unravel them from their (recycled and recyclable) paper cores.

With eye catching contemporary packaging these poop bags look great on the shelf and are a great eco alternative to biodegradable poop bags.

Doodie Bags are eco friendly because they are made from recycled plastic and so conserve valuable natural resources and reduce waste and pollution. It’s common sense really!

Doodie Bags are available in 3 sizes

CP120 – 120 Bags (8 Rolls)

CP270  – 270 Bags (18 Rolls)

CP300 – 300 bags (1 Giant Roll)

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